Candelo in Fiore

A journey to discover the origins of cashmere 

Between 21st April and 6th May one of the most beautiful Italian old villages, Ricetto di Candelo, hosts the XVI edition of the famous event “Candelo in fiore”. 

The medieval village is transformed into a flower garden thanks to expert flowers decorators. Colorful and elegant floral decorations added to the fascinating atmosphere that characterises this village every day of the year, allow the visitors to live a magical experience. 

Daily shows, exhibitions and street markets celebrate nature and spring colours during these 2 weeks. 

This edition focuses on the Europe-China Tourism Year and it’s called “Oriental Dreams” and Piacenza Cashmere perfectly links to it.

The company got closer to the Asian culture thanks to Mario Piacenza, a mountain lover who, in the early ‘900 during his trips to Asia, discovered one of the most precious fabrics: the cashmere.

The Asian culture also influenced the Burcina Park, a former property of the Piacenzas, that has been enriched from generation to generation thanks to the passion for nature. One of the most known and characteristic areas of the park, the valley of rhododendrons, has in fact Asian origins

Piacenza Cashmere presents in the Sala Cerimonie of Ricetto two exhibitions: “From raw materials to finished product: a journey of quality, traceability and tradition” and Mario Piacenza & the himalayan cashmere”.

Definitely not to miss, if you want to know more about the origins and history of a prestigious company: Piacenza Cashmere.