L’eccellenza è l’essenza stessa della filosofia di PIACENZA 1733. 

With a steadfast and unwavering commitment to quality, every detail is carefully attended to with the utmost attention, from the selection of the finest raw materials to the craftsmanship of the production process, all the way to the creation of high-fashion fabrics and garments.

Quality is the cornerstone upon which Piacenza's heritage is built, a tradition that is passed down from generation to generation and continues to be the utmost priority at all times. 

This dedication to excellence is the key to Piacenza's success and represents the constant commitment to maintaining a standard of exceptional luxury in every creation.

Know-how on raw materials

Fratelli Piacenza's expertise in selecting the rarest and finest raw materials is unparalleled. 

Understanding the close relationship between the animal's quality of life and the quality of its fibers, the mill exclusively identifies the world's most exclusive locations, breeders, and farms to obtain the finest raw material.

This meticulous attention to the quality of the fibers is the key to creating luxury fabrics that embody excellence and perfection in every detail

Production process

Selection of raw materials

The meticulous selection of limited production superfine wool and the finest noble fibers. 

The know-how in the stages of the production process to enhance their natural characteristics to the fullest with precious blends or special finishes


The dedicated development team studies new blends, experiments, and develops new products. 

The raw materials are explored with curiosity to create innovative and extraordinary fabrics in terms of performance and design.

Warping and Weaving

Nella fase cruciale del processo produttivo, Fratelli PIACENZA 1733 dedica la massima attenzione alla preparazione del filo, utilizzando le migliori materie prime e tecnologie all’avanguardia.

This allows for the creation of unique luxury fabrics, in which the intertwining of the warp and weft threads gives life to creations that tell the story of the mastery and passion of Fratelli Piacenza.

This phase represents the realization of the team's vision and dedication to quality and excellence.


The encounter between luxury fabrics and colors requires extremely delicate care and attention.

Every fabric is dyed using techniques that enhance its natural characteristics and impart a unique touch of elegance and sophistication.

Within our wool mill, we are capable of performing all types of dyeing, including piece, yarn, and blended.

This means that we are able to dye various materials and types of fabrics.

The creation of colored fabrics by Fratelli Piacenza represents a continuous challenge and a constant commitment to quality and excellence.


In the finishing process, we pay special attention to the final refinement of the fabrics.

Our experts are skilled at identifying the most suitable treatments among the endless possibilities. Their know-how makes a difference, enabling us to make targeted choices and ensure the best for our fabrics.

An example of a treatment in the finishing process is brushing, which is applied in specific cases using cardoon flowers.

Questo trattamento rappresenta l’identità di Fratelli PIACENZA 1733, poiché il fiore di cardo simboleggia la bellezza delicata e resistente.

It reminds us that sensitivity and determination are powerful allies of the quality we offer.

Through the skills of our people and the careful selection of refinement treatments, we are able to create unique luxury fabrics that reflect our dedication to quality and excellence.