Our approach

The environmental sustainability of today was once perceived as a sense of belonging to nature. 

Led by the fourteenth generation, we are firmly committed to integrating sustainability into an ambitious plan aimed at reducing environmental impact, preserving the planet, and taking care of people. Lo facciamo attraverso i cinque pilastri: Persone, Pianeta, Prodotto, Processo e Partnership.

We understand that changing the paradigm and achieving significant results takes time and commitment. That's why we have established an action plan and defined goals to be achieved in the coming years, sharing our progress with our stakeholders.

We manage a complete process along the supply chain and take responsibility for influencing our customers, creating a more efficient eco-business model. Together, we can create a more sustainable future for future generations.


At PIACENZA 1733, we believe that the well-being of our employees is fundamental to the success of our company.

For this reason, we have created a work environment that promotes the safety and health of our employees. We are constantly seeking ways to improve working conditions and ensure that all our employees are safe and their needs are met.

In addition, we are firmly committed to complying with all laws and regulations regarding occupational health and safety. We continually invest in training and awareness programs for our employees.

For us, people are at the heart of our business, and we will continue to work towards creating a safe and healthy work environment for everyone.


We can proudly say that safeguarding the planet and reducing our environmental footprint are at the center of our company's mission.

To achieve this goal, we have undertaken various initiatives, such as installing water collection and reuse systems to reduce water consumption, and adopting water-saving technologies in our production processes.

Furthermore, regarding energy conservation, we are constantly seeking innovative solutions that enable us to produce in a more sustainable manner. We have already implemented a cogeneration plant, adopted renewable energy sources, and energy-saving technologies to ensure that the production process is as eco-friendly as possible.

In this way, we are able to preserve the planet for future generations and continue to develop our business in a responsible and sustainable manner.


We believe it is our responsibility to ensure that our products are sustainable and environmentally-friendly. That's why we have created collections dedicated to environmental sustainability, using eco-friendly materials and innovative production techniques.

Our focus on sustainability also extends to the selection of suppliers and the control of the supply chain, ensuring that all stages of the production process are carried out in full respect of the environment.

The creation of sustainable products not only helps preserve the planet but is also a long-term economic choice that will contribute to ensuring the prosperity of our planet for future generations.

We are proud to be at the forefront of promoting a culture of sustainability in the fashion industry and committed to making our world a better place.


At PIACENZA 1733, we are always seeking ways to improve and optimize our processes. 

To achieve this goal, we have implemented rigorous management systems that allow us to ensure the quality and safety of our products. 

Furthermore, we are proud to be certified in compliance with the highest industry standards, which allow us to demonstrate our commitment to excellence and sustainability. 

These certifications are a testament to our long-term commitment to our customers, our workers, and our planet.