The right balance between innovation and tradition, harmony with the environment and recognition of the value of human beings has made the Fratelli Piacenza wool mills an example of excellence of Made in Italy at international level.
From top-quality fleeces to fabrics destined to be applied in haute couture or transformed into an article of clothing to wear, every single phase of the transformation is carried out with the greatest sensitivity.


To be progress: to experience it actively by creating innovative fabrics, always aiming at the highest quality standards and seeking solutions for improving production processes and people’s work, while safeguarding the environment completely.


The fabric tells a story that grows richer with its destination, where it meets and blends with other personalities to breathe life into tailored and haute couture clothing.


These fabrics make their way along the road to elegance in the Piacenza Cashmere collections, Discover now the new collection.


280 years of culture and tradition. Piacenza Gift is a way to let you be remembered. Style and elegance without time for an atmosphere of never ending emotions


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